Elevate Your Golf Performance
with Precision and Personalisation

The Jason Floyd Golf Academy is proud to be the premier Titleist Custom Fitting Centre in Southern Europe. Our mission is to enhance your golf experience by understanding the performance requirements of dedicated golfers who strive to elevate their game. Our highly skilled coaches work closely with each golfer, optimising club performance and refining set composition to unlock their true potential on the course.

We are committed to providing the ultimate personal fitting experience, replicating the same process, equipment, and TrackMan Launch Monitor technology relied upon by PGA Tour staff members to enhance their game. With unwavering precision and attention to detail, we ensure that your fitting experience matches that of the world’s best players.

Through our strong partnership with Titleist, along with state-of-the-art technology, we deliver one of the most comprehensive custom fitting services in Europe. Leveraging Trackman, our JFGA custom fit customers receive a meticulous and detailed static and dynamic fitting, guaranteeing optimal performance from their new clubs.

In addition to our fitting expertise, we offer club customisation services to further tailor your equipment to your individual preferences. Our skilled team can adjust club specifications such as loft, lie angle, shaft options, grip types, and more, ensuring that your clubs are perfectly suited to your unique swing and playing style. With Titleist club customisation services, you can optimise your equipment for maximum performance and confidence on the course.

Our custom fitting centre located at the Jason Floyd Golf Acafemy, covers every aspect of your game, offering the latest Drivers and Woods, irons, Vokey wedges, Scotty Cameron putters, and a full range of Titleist golf clubs and accessories to meet your specific needs.

To embark on your custom fitting journey and explore club customization options, we invite you to book an appointment with our experts.

Experience firsthand the personalised attention, cutting-edge technology, and professional guidance that will help you find the perfect clubs tailored to your unique swing and preferences. Elevate your game with the unmatched precision and performance of Titleist Custom Fitting at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take your game to new heights.


M: info@jasonfloydgolfacademy.com
T: +34 607 042 134

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