Sotogrande International School and JFGA

Sotogrande International School is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education. Nestled in the stunning surroundings of Sotogrande, Spain, this esteemed educational institution offers a truly international experience for students. Here, academic rigour is combined with a vibrant cultural exchange, fostering a diverse and enriching learning environment.

The school’s holistic approach to education emphasises not only academic success but also personal development and character building. With a dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a welcoming community, Sotogrande International School has earned its reputation as a leader in international education.

Templeton House: Modern Comfort Meets Educational Excellence

Templeton House is a newly, purpose-built boarding house that represents the pinnacle of comfort, offering a modern and inviting space for students pursuing their passion for golf and education.

Comfortable Living Spaces

Templeton House provides students with spacious and comfortable living quarters designed to make them feel at home. Each room is thoughtfully furnished to ensure a restful and productive environment.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

The boarding house is equipped with the latest amenities to enhance students’ daily lives. From communal areas for relaxation to cutting-edge study spaces, Templeton House supports both academic and personal growth.

Healthy Living

We prioritise the well-being of our students. Templeton House promotes a healthy lifestyle through nutritious dining options and fitness facilities, ensuring students can perform at their best on the golf course and in the classroom.

Modern Design

Templeton House boasts a modern architectural design that reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. The aesthetics are complemented by the latest technology, creating a dynamic living and learning environment.

The Triple A Elite, Junior and Future Programmes

The Triple A programmes represent the perfect synergy between Sotogrande International School’s exceptional education and the Jason Floyd Golf Academy’s world-class golf coaching. Through these programmes, young athletes can pursue their dreams while receiving a top-notch education.

Triple A
Elite Programme

Designed for students seeking a professional golf career, the Triple A Elite Programme combines intensive golf training with a tailored education plan. Students benefit from Sotogrande International School’s academic expertise while receiving elite-level golf coaching from Jason Floyd and his team.

Triple A
Junior Programme

This programme offers a balanced curriculum for younger students, ensuring they excel academically while honing their golf skills under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

Triple A
Future Programme

Designed in partnership with Sotogrande International School, offering junior golfers the opportunity to develop their golf skills.

The partnership between Sotogrande International School and the Jason Floyd Golf Academy is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. We invite young golf enthusiasts to join us on this extraordinary journey, where education and golfing prowess go hand in hand.

For more information on the programmes at Jason Floyd Golf Academy, education at Sotogrande International School or boarding at Templeton House, please explore our website or contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional educational and golfing experience.


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