Creating The Next Generation Of Champions

The Jason Floyd Golf Academy (JFGA) is one of the world’s foremost golf academies dedicated to nurturing elite junior golfers and providing them with a unique pathway to university in the United States. The academy stands at the forefront of the golfing industry, offering bespoke golf programmes and a dedicated scholarship service tailored to each individual, ensuring that students receive the highest level of coaching and guidance.

With a strong emphasis on character development, athletic growth, and academic achievement, the academy offers a supportive and enriching environment where aspiring elite junior golfers can flourish both on and off the course. Through the JFGA, Triple A pathway, students can attain a golf scholarship and fulfil their dreams of playing collegiate golf while pursuing higher education in the U.S.

Performance Philosophies

While results are the ultimate measure of a player’s success, we believe in focusing on the skills and processes that lead to good scores. At the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, we emphasise working on processes and controlling the controllables. We have designed structured, tour-proven processes that apply to a player’s physical, technical, and mental games.

This approach provides players with a deeper understanding of their own games, allowing them to maximise their potential. We educate our players on effective habits in preparation, competition, and post-tournament analysis, as these habits play a crucial role in their success. Golf is not just a highly skilled technical and physical game; it is also mentally and emotionally demanding. Therefore, we provide mental sessions in various formats to help players develop a solid performance structure, which forms the foundation for their success.

Bespoke Approach To Golf Training

Each student’s journey at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy begins with our expert team of coaches. The Jason Floyd Golf Academy has developed the Body Swing Link, an assessment that details the unique characteristics of each Student-Athlete. This assessment serves as the foundation for their personalised programme at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy.

Through KinetiX, another of the bespoke assessments designed by the Jason Floyd Golf Academy’s Strength and Conditioning team, students are assessed in Physical Screening, Biomechanical Analysis, and Video Swing Analysis to identify the connection between their physical and technical capabilities. Using this data, our team create an individualised, synchronised Physical and Technical Programme based on factual information and data rather than personal coaching philosophies or swing preferences. This process is carried out for all aspects of the game, from the Long Game to Putting.

At The Forefront of Golf Technology

Each student’s journey at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy begins with our expert team of coaches. The Jason Floyd Golf Academy has developed the Body Swing Link, an assessment that details the unique characteristics of each Student-Athlete. This assessment serves as the foundation for their personalised programme at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy.

Daily practice at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy involves working with cutting-edge technologies such as Smart2Move 3D Force plates, Body Swing Dynamics Screening, K-Vest 6 and 3D, Trackman Launch Monitors, BodiTrak Force plates, V1 Pro HD Video Analysis, and SAM Putt Lab. Additionally, as Brand Ambassadors with Titleist Golf, we have access to the latest Titleist fitting equipment and Titleist Performance Institute Programmes.

Furthermore, on a weekly basis, our Student-Athletes receive education on the mental aspects of the game with our dedicated mental performance coaches. They learn about emotional control, stress management, and other pressure performance techniques, constantly applying their technical and physical skills in high-pressure environments.

Our ultimate ambition is to leave no stone unturned, ensuring that all our Student-Athletes have the best opportunity for success in golf and in life, regardless of the path they choose.


Located at The San Roque Club in the beautiful south of Spain, the Jason Floyd Golf Academy benefits from the best year-round golfing climate in Europe, ensuring that our students have access to world-class facilities throughout the year.


Driving Range

The driving range is situated against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Bermeja Mountain range.
Unlike many other countries where indoor facilities or range mats are used during the winter months, we are fortunate to have year-round access to a turf driving range. This allows our Student-Athletes to receive reliable strike feedback on grass surfaces, regardless of the time of year.

Putting Green

Our expansive putting green presents a variety of slopes and challenges, providing our coaches with ample opportunities to enhance our Student-Athletes’ putting skills. Green reading is a crucial component of successful putting, and our students benefit from training on a challenging practice green. We educate our Student-Athletes in the Aimpoint Express Green Reading system, which is used by some of the world’s best players, including Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood, Adam Scott, and Dustin Johnson.

Two 18 Hole Championship Golf Courses

The San Roque Golf Club features two exceptional championship golf courses: the Old Course and the New Course. Both courses have hosted European Tour events, including the Spanish Open, and have served as the venue for the European Tour School Final stage multiple times. Our students have the privilege of practising on both courses, allowing them to develop the necessary skills for tournament performance. With five tee boxes per hole and spacious greens that accommodate various pin positions, these courses offer challenges suitable for golfers of all abilities.


The world of golf is evolving rapidly, thanks to new technologies that significantly impact golfers’ performance. From materials to equipment design, advancements are revolutionizing the game. At the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, we stay at the forefront of these advancements, utilizing the latest technologies and materials to offer students a comprehensive training experience. We believe in the individualised approach, understanding that there is no “Swing” or “One size fits all” method when it comes to providing high-quality training for student athletes. By incorporating biomechanics and advanced technologies, we gain a deeper and more objective understanding of each student’s style and approach, allowing us to provide precise and effective training.

The Club House

As students of the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, you will enjoy full access to the club house facilities at The San Roque Club. This includes changing rooms and showers to freshen up after physical sessions, as well as a bar/restaurant where you can savor a delicious meal while taking in the unspoiled views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Join us at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, where we are dedicated to creating the next generation of champions. Whether you aspire to succeed in golf or in life, we provide the expertise, personalised programs, and state-of-the-art facilities to help you reach your full potential.